The Guvnor Project

The Guvnor project is home to the Governance Repository utilities and tools. The Overlord project for "Governance" requires a repository for governing and managing artifacts, such as rule and process definitions, service descriptions, databases schemas, etc. This is Guvnor! The repository stores the artifacts and provides services for querying, uploading, exploring, curating, and managing them. Storing descriptions of services, along with their metadata, contracts, configuration files, etc., and then managing the lifecycle of these services from analysis through deployment, and allowing access to this information through various interfaces (web, Eclipse) is what Guvnor is all about. A user may locate some reusable XSD via the web, sync it into their eclipse workspace, and then have it shared via an atompub "feed" to runtime systems - this is all guvnor.


The main modules are:

  • guvnor-repository: Guvnor Artifact repository

(JCR back end) with AtomPub and WebDAV interfaces.

  • guvnor-web: The AJAX/GWT web interface to the SOA artifact repository.

Essentially a front end to guvnor-repository.

  • guvnor-atom: The Atom/Pub interface to the SOA artifact repository.

Essentially a front end to guvnor-repository.

  • guvnor-identity: Authentication and role-based-authorization.
  • guvnor-runtime: Runtime features, such as deployment, undeployment, runtime policy enforcement.
  • guvnor-widgets: A set of widgets for a common web experience (using GWT)
  • guvnor-plugin: An eclipse plug in to allow artifacts to be shared between the guvnor repository and developer workspaces (currently uses webdav)
  • guvnor-drools: The Drools Guvnor rule management tools (web interface and related compiler tools) - this is a key part of the BRMS platform as it contains rich web user interfaces to manage business rules. 

This will reuse the guvnor-repository and the guvnor-widgets projects.

 A lot of this work is based on the Drools "BRMS" (now renamed to Drools Guvnor) but is really for a different purpose - but as much as possible the common code is factored out of drools.

About the Project

Getting Involved If you wish to get involved as a developer in the Guvnor project, please visit the forms and get to know people. Also, it is recommended you visit the JIRA pages to get a glimpse of the status or project tasks.
Community Our forums are the main channel of communication between all community members. If you experience problems, have questions, or simply want to meet the community, visit the forums. Additionally, an IRC channel #guvnor on is also a place for developers to hang out.

Most current information is available on the wiki (there is no official documentation at this stage

Project Status Guvnor uses the JIRA tracking and project management system to organize and prioritize tasks.
Acknowledgements Guvnor was created by professional open source developers from around the world.
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